Eat some snacks before eating meal. There always abundant fish and meat in dinner party, people may inevitably intake over-fatty food. In fact, you can appropriately eat some snacks before to avoid excessive consumption of fatty because of excessive hunger. In addition, you can eat some snacks like peanuts, cucumbers and potatoes which contain fewer calories. And you can also drink some water or tea to increase satiety.

Eat more vegetables. There often lacks of vegetables in dinner party. You should eat more plates of vegetables and fruits to complement the fiber and vitamin deficiencies. The proportion of vegetables and meat should be three to one or four to one, so that even if you eat more fat, it can be excreted out with the dietary fiber in the vegetables. Specifically speaking, if you eating fattier in dinner party, you can eat more vegetables in weekends; if eating more flour and rice, you can eat more coarse food grain, such as corn and sweet potatoes at home.

Try to eat less concentrated taste of food. In order to add color and taste to the food, the chef often add more oil, salt and spicy to the food. Therefore, people who often take part in dinner party should eat less concentrated taste of food, such as spicy food and pickled food. Try to select more fresh and light diet.

Try to drink red wine, because it has low degree and you will not be drunk when drinking a little bit more. You should not drink too fast, because drinking too fast will increase the burden on the liver. And do not drink with empty stomach. When drinking, do not eat salted fish, sausages and bacon at the same time. These kinds of food contain a lot of pigment and nitrosamines. They will take chemical interaction with alcohol, which will not only injury liver, but also damage oral and esophageal mucosa, and even induce cancer.

Choose chrysanthemum tea instead of strong tea. Because tea contains tannic acid and theophylline, two substances will affect the human body to digest food.

Knowing these eating skills will help you successfully prevent obesity, you needn’t worry so much about eating in a good dinner, just enjoy the party.