My friend Irene recently underwent a weight loss procedure so she could lose excessive weight which was holding her back from enjoying her life. Her original concerns were rather understandable: she was scared of potential complications or scarring from performing a laparoscopic banding. Irene was not just scared of these issues, but she was concerned that it may be irreversible. Fortunately, her doctor was well experienced and explained that not only were complications very few and rare thanks to the great medical advancements, but the procedure is reversible.

In the older days of weight loss surgery, it was much more invasive than what it is now: it would leave a large scar on the area which was opened to perform the operation. Fortunately, her bariatric specialist explained how medical technology has advanced greatly and now the surgery is performed with minimal invasiveness. A small incision is made and from that incision the procedure is done with great accuracy and efficiency. It was not only that but now complications arising from post operation have reduced drastically and the scar used from incision is barely noticeable to anyone. While the scar was less concern, Irene was still rather content that complications have dropped and that losing weight through surgery is much safer now.

The surgical procedure is not only safer now, but laparoscopic banding is reversible. It can be removed after a certain time if the patient no longer wishes to keep it. My friend underwent this surgery a few months ago. She weighed about 400 pounds before the operation occurred and has dropped over 120 pounds already. The weight is still dropping since she is getting fuller faster and eating healthier. Not only is she losing weight, but she is sleeping better than before and she has a much more positive outlook on life. Her bones are much healthier as well: before she felt a lot of arthritic pain which caused her great suffering. She now no longer has to use a sleeping machine to help her sleep or any medications to help her with her bone pain.

Overall, her health has improved drastically and Irene is getting better day by day. Losing weight through surgery was liberating for her and she is happier than ever now. It seems as though the procedure as scary as it may have sounded to Irene and those of us who were at first ignorant of its benefits has really been a blessing in disguise.